Let’s get hitched… But first… Let me take a Shoefie!

What happens when you are an ardent traveller and Instagram random shots and find

similar looking shots in another profile? Niyati’s holiday was never complete without clicking

a Shoefie against random backdrops. Until last year, Niyati found Jignesh who clicked away

Shoefies in a similar fashion. Talking about shoes, they never crossed paths. But as they

always say, “We don’t meet people by accident; they are meant to cross our path for a

reason.”, which held true for Niyati and Jignesh. From the first look at Worcestershire to a

quick introduction at Sayla to finally bumping into each other in Kolkata- never had the

couple thought their individual Shoefie would one day lead to taking steps for their seven

vows together.

Watch their story unfold on an Amit Barot Film – ‘Journey of two hearts’

2 Responses to “Let’s get hitched… But first… Let me take a Shoefie!”

  1. Sam

    Amit… its really nice work. i would say ‘God is in details.’ :)

    • Amit Barot

      Thank you so very much for the wonderful appreciation Sam :)

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Tying in New Life and Prosperity

A contemporary mom-to-be decides to step outside her comfort space and wander outdoors on a dewy morning… stylishly showcasing her baby bump… walking through a perfect backdrop of the sun glistening through the trees.

Here’s a sneak peek of mom-to-be Deval Barot’s alluring maternity shoot.


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Giggles and Chuckles

On an overcast day with the absence of the warming glow of the sun, the Jani family ventured out frolicking around in the lap of greens. Mommy Shreena and daughter Miraya shared some warm friendly moments which will last for eternity.

We loved this family session where we could just feel the love when the father’s mischievousness with the kids filled up the house with playful giggles.

Here’s a sneak peek at the shoot where the family surely shined bright.

1 _MG_1885_LR 3 _MG_1958_LR_PS 4 _MG_1998_LR_PS 5 _MG_2019_LR 6 _MG_1802_LR_PS 7 _MG_1826_LR 8 _MG_1734_BR_SELECTED_LR 9 _MG_2170_LR 10 _MG_2228_LR 11 _MG_2130_LR 12 IMG_0362_LR 13 IMG_0321_LR

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Punjabi Swag

Here comes the gorgeous bride dressed in a mint & pink sharara, adorned with chaandbaalis, making an entry on a candy pink tricycle rickshaw all set to dance away with some Punjabi thumkas.

We shot Nupur’s ‘Punjabi themed’ Mehendi celebration at Chikuwadi, Safal Vihaan in Ahmedabad wherein the element of highlight was genda phool. The celebration came to life as Nupur’s parents, sister & brother-in-law, close friends and relatives shook a leg in their Punjabi attires as their Banno got dancing away with her swagger.


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A Miracle… A New Beginning…

As mommy Shweta holds the most beautiful creation…. the lamp of hope in her life… her little angel… newborn Dia… she accepts that even miracles take a little time….

Dia came to Shweta and Naresh Solanki’s lives as a miracle out of many years of patience and hope. Shweta shares, “I have a million things to express…Dia’s delicate face…. her wonderful smile which illuminates the light within me….her gentle hands which hold mine and touches my heart…it all feels like rediscovering love all over again”.

We spent some time talking to Shweta wherein she shared how joyous their life has turned after the birth of Dia. And we spent the most delicate moments while capturing this newborn miracle at the coziness of her home and warmth of her mommy’s arms.


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A Baby Shower Story with a Gift from Heaven On Its Way

This is as sweet as it gets as joyous and vivacious Mommy-to-be Aneri Patel carries off her cute baby bump with a charming smile on her face and poses away for us as we capture little moments just before the baby arrives and lightens up parents Aneri and Varun Patel’s lives.

We had a great time capturing this beautiful Mommy-to-be who was ecstatically glowing with her mommyhood…. extremely caring… enthusiastic… and all things Happy, at her baby shower.

Wishing the soon-to-arrive baby an eternal smile just like Aneri.

01 02 03 03A 04 05 06 07 08

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Oodles of Smiles!

From a swap of lipstick… to nails painted pink… From cute little shoes with bows… to hair accessories…. All Things Girly!

Mommy Nidhi and her cute little daughter Samaira planned to play dress up one evening. It all began with both of them getting playful in the park in cute little butterfly printed outfits. Their love for each other was so apparent in every little move that it couldn’t escape our lenses too. The duo feels connected and feminine to us which have lend emotions to these photos.

As time passes by… these pictures are going to mean so much to Samaira… a sweet gesture chosen by mommy Nidhi to encapsulate memories for her little one as she grows up.

1 IMG_5857_LR_PS 3 IMG_5823_LR_PS small size 2 IMG_5814_LR_PS 4 IMG_5854_LR_PS5 IMG_6021_BR_SELECTED_LR_PS 7 IMG_6071_BR_SELECTED_LR_PS

6 IMG_5776_LR_PS
8 IMG_6204_LR_PS9 IMG_6225_LR_PS

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Enjoy The Show as A Little “Wish” Turns 5!

As the tiny ‘wish’ – Khwaish Kabra, bloomed into a little princess on her fifth birthday, we filmed the bright sparkle in her eyes as she wandered frolicking around sporting her tiara in her princess baby pink embellished dress. Her mom prudently revamped the space with all things cute and handcrafted… From pretty doilies to paper flowers…. from balloons to hand made danglers… from flowery elements to pastel trunks…. all things customized.

As we captured away the cheerful moments, Khwaish’s parents look at her and thought to themselves, “You are the apple of our eye, and no matter how old you grow up, you will always be our little girl. Cute and pretty… Beautiful and bubbly.”

Here’s wishing the charming little princess Khwaish a very Happy Birthday once again and many more to come!



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Moments of Beauty and Hope

 We love expecting shoots where every mom-to-be we shoot is so excited to meet the new life inside her belly and the way she glows with the mom-to-be radiance. And it gets even sweeter when the dad-to-be shares a space in the photographs with that smile on his face.

Exhilarated mom-to-be Dipal Chopda was super excited about her shoot and booked us way in advance for a shoot in Mumbai. We loved how Dipal arrived for the shoot in her boho chic self sporting that baby bump subtly. From earthy toned outfits to wavy hair… From a flowery head band to boots… Dipal was all things boho… her personal style. Kartik was a vigilant dad-to-be during the shoot taking extreme care of Dipal while she posed away. There came few moments when the two would look into each others eyes…Those were the moments which held so much beauty and hope.


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Warm… Cozy… and all things Innocent

Couple Asita and Apurva wanted to capture in the precious first week of their newborn snow angel Naira and the awe of it all. The warmth of the shoot can be discovered in the little tender moments wherein we waited for mommy Asita to change the baby’s nappy followed by daddy Apurva who rocked the little bundle of innocence to sleep.

Speaking of the trio of mommy, daddy and baby… could it be more beautiful?


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