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Tying in New Life and Prosperity

A contemporary mom-to-be decides to step outside her comfort space and wander outdoors on a dewy morning… stylishly showcasing her baby bump… walking through a perfect backdrop of the sun glistening through the trees. Here’s a sneak peek of mom-to-be Deval Barot’s alluring maternity shoot.

Moments of Beauty and Hope

 We love expecting shoots where every mom-to-be we shoot is so excited to meet the new life inside her belly and the way she glows with the mom-to-be radiance. And it gets even sweeter when the dad-to-be shares a space in the photographs with that smile on his face. Exhilarated mom-to-be Dipal Chopda was super… Read more »

Tranquility of the Sunkissed Baby Bump

There is something special about photographing a mom-to-be. Not only is the magic of anticipating the new life exciting and full of love, but the strength expressed through the mom-to-be is priceless. Enthusiastic mom-to-be Rajbir was super excited for her photo session and we spent hours discussing and planning the shoot. Rajbir wanted her photo… Read more »

Mommy-to-be Saumya

Throughout my pregnancy I was looking around at various photographers on Facebook and websites pages, looking for the perfect photographer to capture our special moments. The Duo was extremely easy to work with for my maternity session. Priyanka was very good with direction and styling and exceeded my expectations. Amit made me feel and look… Read more »