Let’s get hitched… But first… Let me take a Shoefie!

What happens when you are an ardent traveller and Instagram random shots and find

similar looking shots in another profile? Niyati’s holiday was never complete without clicking

a Shoefie against random backdrops. Until last year, Niyati found Jignesh who clicked away

Shoefies in a similar fashion. Talking about shoes, they never crossed paths. But as they

always say, “We don’t meet people by accident; they are meant to cross our path for a

reason.”, which held true for Niyati and Jignesh. From the first look at Worcestershire to a

quick introduction at Sayla to finally bumping into each other in Kolkata- never had the

couple thought their individual Shoefie would one day lead to taking steps for their seven

vows together.

Watch their story unfold on an Amit Barot Film – ‘Journey of two hearts’

2 Responses to “Let’s get hitched… But first… Let me take a Shoefie!”

  1. Sam

    Amit… its really nice work. i would say ‘God is in details.’ :)

    • Amit Barot

      Thank you so very much for the wonderful appreciation Sam :)

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